Naming Movie files

Stand-Alone Video Files

Movie media files can be contained in one or more folders. The structure isn't important unless you have custom media (e.g. posters) for a particular movie. To correctly name a movie file, name it as follows:

  • Movie_Name (release year).ext
   Avatar (2009).mkv

Folder Nesting

Movie files can be placed into individual folders if you want but it's not mandatory. If you have external media for a movie (e.g. custom poster, external subtitles etc.) you should usually place the movie in a nested folder along with the custom media files. Name the folder the same as the movie file:

  • /Movies/Movie_Name (release date)/Movie_Name (release year).ext
   /Avatar (2009)
      Avatar (2009).mkv
   /Batman Begins (2005)
      Batman Begins (2005).mp4
      Batman Begins (2005)

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