Creating Libraries


To create a Library, launch the Plex Web App then:

  • Click if you're not at the Home screen
  • Click the  next to the word Libraries on the side bar on left
  • Choose the Library type from the selection
  • Name the Library and choose the Language to use for information gathered from the Internet. Click
  • Next, add the folders with the media files. Click 
  • Choose the folder to add then click . To remove a Folder, click
  • Once you've added all the source folders for this Library, click

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Detailed Information

Select type

You'll first need to set some general information for the Library.

Select a type of media for this library

Choose the basic type of media this Library represents.

Available choices:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Other Videos

Once you've selected the Library type, you'll be able to change the name and language.


Enter a name for your Library.


Each Library has a Language that controls the information gathered from the internet. If a Library's language is set to French, for example, the French plot summary, etc., will be downloaded when available.

Add folders

Select the folders where your content is located. Content in the folders must prepared like the examples linked on the Add folders tab. More info in the Media Preparation section

Use the Browse for Media Folders button to open a dialog where you can browse to the location or enter the path.

You can specify one or more content locations. If you specify multiple locations, content will all be consolidated together for your Library.

Do not use the root of your drive as a folder location. It will cause problems. Make an appropriate folder and put your media in that, such as  D:\Movies


This is a special step for music Libraries. It lets you choose between creating a Premium music Library or a basic one. The Premium option requires a Plex Pass subscription.

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Most users won't need to alter the Advanced options, but they're available when necessary. The options available will vary depending on the type of Library you selected.


Many advanced options are common between Library types.

Note: The Scanner and Agent settings are not available when using a Premium type music Library.


Choose the Scanner to use with your Library. Scanners analyze the folder structure and filename of your content for information about that particular item. The default Scanner is automatically selected when you create the Library but you can change it if necessary. To change the Scanner, click the dropdown and select the one you want to use.

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Choose the Agent to use with your Library. Agents take the information from the Plex Scanner, then search local media and internet sites for metadata about the media. The default Agent is automatically selected when you create the Library but you can change it by clicking the dropdown and selecting the one you want.

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Include in dashboard

This setting determines whether:

  • content from this Library will be included in On Deck on the dashboard
  • content from this Library will be included in Recently Added on the dashboard
  • artwork from the Library will be included in global slideshows


Enable Cinema Trailers

Determine whether or not the Cinema Trailers feature will be available and active for this Library.

Settings to control actual playback are available in the Plex Apps themselves.

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Enable video preview thumbnails

Choose whether or not video preview thumbnails will be generated for this particular library if the main setting is enabled for the Plex Media Server. If you wish to have video preview thumbnails for a particular library:

  1. Enable the main setting under Settings > Server > Library
  2. Enable this advanced per-Library setting

Similarly, if you want video preview thumbnails generated in general but not in a particular Library, then you can disable it for that specific Library.

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Agent Settings

Settings related to the current Agent may also be exposed here.

Tip!: While these settings are exposed for the library, the selected values will take effect for all libraries using that agent.

Localized titles

If a localized version of the movie title is available in the Library's language, that will be used.

Find trailers and extras automatically (Plex Pass required)

When enabled, trailers and extras will automatically be retrieved for your movies when available.

Skip extras which aren't trailers

When enabled, extras that are not trailers will be skipped.

Use red band (restricted audiences) trailers when available

When a "red band" trailer is available, use that when adding a trailer to your Library. (Plex Pass required)

Include extras with subtitles in Library language

When available, include additional extras that have subtitles matching your Library's language. (Most users will prefer to not have this enabled.)


Import from iTunes

Enabling this option will attempt to import your music playlists from iTunes. It will also import your ratings, the date you added the music, as well as play and skip counts for tracks in your library.

This option requires that iTunes be installed in the default location on the computer running Plex Media Server.

Use embedded tags

When scanning this Library, base the content matching only off of the embedded metadata tags (e.g. ID3 tags for MP3 files.).

Store track progress

The server will remember where you left off in a track. Playing that track in a supported app will then resume from where you left off.

Agent Settings

Settings related to the current Agent may also be exposed here.

Tip!: While these settings are exposed for the library, the selected values will take effect for all libraries using that agent.

Gracenote genre level

With this, you can choose how genre information is gathered from Gracenote. The available options:

  • None
  • Coarse (10 genres)
  • Medium (75 genres)
  • Fine (500 genres)

So, if you choose the "Medium" value, then the genres for your music will be pulled from a pool of 75 possible genres. Choosing "None" means that no genre information will be pulled in from Gracenote. (Available when using the "Plex Premium Music" agent.)

Use genre tags from

When this option is enabled, genre information from will be used instead of embedded metadata. (Available when using the "" agent.)

Download concert information

Upcoming concert information can be gathered from When available, it can be displayed on the artist's page.

Download popular track information

Gather data from about which tracks for particular artists are most popular. When available, those popular tracks are displayed on the artist's page.

Download album reviews

When this option is enabled, album reviews from Gracenote will be gathered when available. (Available when using the "Plex Premium Music" agent.)