Adding Music Media From Folders

The scanners and metadata agents used by Plex will work best when your major types of content are separated from each other. We strongly recommend separating movie and television content into separate main directories. For instance, you might use something like this:

      movie content
      music content
   /TV Shows
      television content

Warning!: Plex will do its best to appropriately find and match content. However, a failure to separate content such as movies and TV shows may result in unexpected or incorrect behavior.

Music Content

Unlike with video content, music tracks will usually already have embedded metadata for most users. You may have heard of the "ID3 tag" inside MP3 files - that's a type of embedded metadata. For instance, if you use iTunes to store your music, then it almost certainly has embedded metadata.

Whether or not your content has embedded metadata can make a difference in how it is scanned and whether it's particularly important for you to follow the recommended naming and organization.

Tip!: Most, but not all, users will already have embedded metadata for their music content, so the naming and organization won't be as critical.

Embedded Metadata is Not Present

In the absence of embedded metadata in your tracks, the file naming and organization are both very important. You should name and organize the tracks as follows:

  • Music/ArtistName - AlbumName/TrackNumber - TrackName.ext

Where ext is the file extension. (Some operating systems such as Windows may hide your file extensions by default.)

   /Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
      01 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V).m4a
      02 - Welcome to the Machine.mp3
      03 - Have a Cigar.mp3
   /Foo Fighters - One By One
   /Foo Fighters - There is Nothing Left to Lose
   /U2 - Joshua Tree

The folder containing the individual tracks for an album must be Artist_Name - Album_Name with the artist and album in that order.

Premium Music Library or Embedded Metadata

If your content already has (accurate) embedded metadata, then Plex will use that information for matching in a default install. Similarly, Plex Pass members who use our Premium music library will have their music matched via sonic fingerprinting.

In such a case, your file naming and organization isn't as critical, though we do still certainly encourage you to be organized and consistent. For instance, the standard iTunes organization would be fine in this situation:

  • Music/ArtistName/AlbumName/TrackNumber - TrackName.ext

Tip!: When using a Premium music library, we strongly encourage you to continue organizing tracks into albums. Using a flat file list of tracks can result in the sonic fingerprinting erroring out.

   /Pink Floyd
      /Wish You Were Here
         01 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V).m4a
         02 - Welcome to the Machine.mp3
         03 - Have a Cigar.mp3
   /Foo Fighters
      /One By One
      /There is Nothing Left to Lose
      /Joshua Tree